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Calendar of Events for 2017

October 19     10am to Noon and 1pm to 3pm     Sun City Hilton Head     $20

In this very beginning painting class, you will create a floral bouquet and/or forest scene using the acrylic techniques of underpainting, color mixing, layering, alcohol rub, sgraffito, stamping and more.  Absolutely no painting experience is necessary to learn a new way of using fluid acrylic paints.  You’ll begin layering your paintings in the morning session and learn finishing techniques in the afternoon. This is a 2 For $20 class held at the All About Art room at Sun City Hilton Head.  To register, sign up in the notebook at the art room.

October 27 and 28     10am to 4pm     Academy of the Art League of Hilton Head     $180 for 2 full days
In this fun and creative two-day workshop you will learn a variety of techniques for making your own unique and personal visual journal, diary or memory book in a variety of mediums, styles and formats.  Ask for supply list when registering and come prepared with a blank spiral page journal and a selection of photos, reference material and memorabilia from and event for which you would like to create your individual visual memento.  To register, go to and look under mixed media classes.  All levels.

November 17 and 18     10am to 4pm     Academy of the Art League of Hilton Head     $180 for 2 full days   CREATING YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS CARD                                                                                                                 Every year you say you’re going to do it. Well, this is the year!! This two-day workshop will give you plenty of ideas for creating your own unique and personal Christmas or holiday card. Many techniques will be demonstrated, including watercolor, pen-and-ink, InkTense Pencils, collage and more. Try some or all of these techniques for creating a memorable greeting for your family and friends. Please request a supply list when registering. To register, go to and look under mixed media.  All Levels

November 30      1pm to 4pm      Sun City Hilton Head     $30 for 3 hour class                                                                   PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS - COLOR                                                                                                                                                     Do you have trouble mixing colors?  Do you often end up with "mud" when you're trying to paint with clean, vibrant colors?Do your paintings ever suffer from an all over "blah" color scheme? Change your relationship with color at this one-day class where we'll cover hue, pigments, tone, tint, value and so much more. Simple exercises will help you understand the reason why your paintings sometimes don't behave the way you would like them to.  This class is open to members of the All About Art Club at Sun City Hilton Head.  To register, sign up in the notebook in the art room.


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