ncy Patrick Carney



In all sizes and all colors and all shapes. This selection of paintings are an eclectic mix
of acrylic, collage, watercolors, oils, and mixed media.

PURPLE MERMAID                                  RED-HAIRED MERMAID                           MOONLIGHT BEACH MUSIC                   BEACH MUSIC BY MOONLIGHT
acrylic + collage on canvas board             acrylic + collage on canvas board              acrylic + collage on canvas board              acrylic + collage on canvas board
8" x 8" unframed     $99*                           8" x 8" unframed     $99*                             8" x 8" unframed     $99*                            8" x 8" unframed     $99*

BELLA DONNA                                             PRETTY WOMAN                                       SUNDARA STRI
Original acrylic and collage                          Original acrylic and collage                           Original acrylic and collage
12" x 48" on 1" deep canvas                       12" x 48" on 1" deep canvas                         12" x 48" on 1" deep canvas
$899 gallery wrapped*                                 $899 gallery wrapped*                                   $899 gallery wrapped*
These three original paintings can be purchased separately, but they look great grouped together because the collage papers on each painting are the same.  The acrylic glazes on each painting are what give them their unique coloring. 
Buy all 3 together for $2400.  For additional purchasing information leave a message on the CONTACT page.


                                                                DANCING ON THE ROOFTOP COLLAGE
                                                  original acrylic and collage on gallery wrapped 1" canvas    
                                                                            image 30" x 40"
                                                                       $2100 gallery wrapped*       
                                                                         EARTH WIND MOTHER WOMAN
                                                           original acrylic and collage painting on canvas
                                                                           image size 24" x 30"  
$1195 gallery wrapped*

        Limited edition giclee print on canvas
        image 17”x 25”
         $475.00 framed*

original watercolor, acrylic and oil pastel on paper
image size 15" x 29"
$600 framed*

*TO PURCHASE: leave a message on the CONTACTS page.
Prices are subject to sales tax and shipping charges where applicable

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